Stop C-51 Images

Any individual, group or media outlet opposing Bill C-51 is welcome to use these images as-is, or with modification.

Please share widely.

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Charter in flames:

Screen resolution – JPG, 373 KB
Print resolution – JPG, 4.4 MB


Poster template (print resolution) – JPG, 7 MB
Poster template (for Adobe Illustrator) – AI, 64.8 MB

Tall poster, 11″x17″ @ 300dpi – JPG, 3.6 MB
Tall poster with list, 11″x17″ @ 300dpi – JPG, 3 MB

Tall poster (for Adobe Photoshop) – PSD, 88.3 MB
Tall poster with list (for Adobe Photoshop) – PSD, 56.4 MB


Charter & News Gothic (.zip archive) – TrueType/OpenType, 1.1 MB


Twitter template – JPG, 333 KB
‘Death of freedom’ info-graphic – JPG, 639 KB

The Charter in flames photo was created by Kevin Konnyu, who sacrificed his own copy of the Charter that was given to him by Stephane Dion.
Poster & template designs by Chris Wiseman.


Trudeau memes:

‘Friendly advice’: